Photography for me is a collection of memories. I create these memories for future reference. With time and age, we all have a tendency towards weaker eyesight and hearing. The quality of these memories would become a factor with determining how much we can actually enjoy these later in life. Of course, there is also the social aspect of being able to the share these memories with family and friends.

I have a new blog for photography here. This will start from choosing the right camera and related gear to more advanced topics on general photography. All of this would be in the Indian context and I will try to include the online availability of related items. Tutorial links as well as general information links to other sites and pages will also be included over time.

Let’s catch up with the photography bug…

Too fast for 1/500th of a second...

This is just an un-expected shot taken at home from my balcony…could have been sharper if I was expecting or waiting for this. Let’s see how we can make this happen…

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