ON1 Photo Raw 2020 – Adding watermarks to images!

In general, it is a good idea to include a watermark your images when sharing on social media. Most people still do not realise that the images we share are copyrighted and cannot be shared/sold/modified without permission.

In some cases, the images can be shared further without any modification, but, since most people are still not aware of the legal nature of original images, it is best to make sure you have at least a copyright watermark on your images to be on the safe side.

Currently, ON1 supports only image watermarks. Although you can add a text to every image before you export it, this approach is obviously not practical.

I have been using a plain simple text watermark for years and I have to make a transparent image to maintain the same in ON1.

Although I have Affinity Photo, I will use Photoshop to demonstrate how to create this image-based watermark since more people are familiar with Photoshop.

I will make a fancier watermark than the one I use to demonstrate the possibilities.

Now, let’s take a look at how this is done and used in ON1 Photo Raw 2020.

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