Sky Replacement – Luminar 4.3 vs ON1 Photo Raw 2020.5.1 #1

I have demonstrated some features of ON1 in some earlier videos, this time, I will take a look at some images where we can use ON1 or Luminar for the sky replacement and figure out which one is more suitable for the same.

I have both the applications running and recording the screen so the response of the applications would be a bit slower than if I was running those one at a time.

With the performance part out of the way, let’s look at some of the images from my rooftop session today…

Let’s start with the teeniest subject first…Since Luminar is known for its sky replacement feature, let us look at Luminar first and then how to do the same in ON1.

Since our focus is on sky replacements, we will not get into processing the image itself as one would normally do.

For Luminar, we will use the simple sky replacement and just customize some settings until it looks acceptable.

In ON1, we will use a texture filter and apply a colour range mask to select the sky and then replace it with any other texture or sky we like, just like in Luminar.

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