TataSky – Everywhere TV – Free for 1 month

Everywhere TV has just introduced a free promotional package for IPL 7. Now is the chance to try out Everywhere TV for free. Everywhere TV offers all channels it supports within your subscription pack, not just the IPL channels. The free promo expires on the 1st of June 2014.

You will have to use your existing subscriber ID to register and then log into your account online to activate the IPL package for the device. Keep in mind, you cannot de-activate online. You will have to call the support line for de-activation. Also, in case you subscribe to the annual pack, which costs Rs.600/-, you need to take into consideration the fact that this is for a single device and you cannot switch the subscription to another device.

Unfortunately, as I had written earlier, there is no change or improvement in the application for iOS.

  • It still retains the design for the smaller iPhone 4x and earlier screens, still does not expand the video to full screen and attempting to do so, will either skip to another channel, or, crash back to the channels screen.
  • There is still no support for AirPlay and still unable to register using the RMN (Registered Mobile Number).
  • It will drain the device battery like no other application that I have used so far, including other video streaming applications like YouTube, where I prefer using the full HD stream.
  • Last, but not the least, the video will not follow the device orientation. The orientation of the video is fixed. In short, the video will not rotate according to the orientation of the device, you will have to turn your device over to see the video upright.

All in all, it remains a badly designed application and might not work as expected. Try it out yourself and decide.

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