Reliance iPhone 5x Zero Plan – Update!

After 3 months of using the Reliance network, I have some updates.

First, a continuation from the last post on the same subject. I have used the 3G data extensively, and, besides the normal mobile limitations, the 3G data seems to be unlimited as claimed. I exceeded 100 GB on tethered connections and over 50 GB on the phone itself and there was no degradation in speed.

Now, for the rest…

It seems that the Reliance network is not correctly configured and setup. You need to know how to “fix” some issues. For example, while travelling, I would completely lose the connection and I had to try the following steps to restore it:

  1. Try a network search again by switching on and off the airplane mode (or re-start)
  2. Switch of 3G and repeat #1, if needed
  3. Select the carrier manually, which might not work on the first attempt

At times, it would just go off to “No Service” for no apparent reason and I would have to try the above all over again. This happened in all the 3 locations I visited. By contrast, my Airtel connection on my other iPhone had absolutely no issues at all in any of these locations or while travelling. The voice quality on calls leaves a lot to be desired, so, I use VoIP when and where possible.

The Zero Plan is not quite 0! You will get charged for all SMSs sent on occasions like Holi and not just international SMS as the plan claims. I got a SMS from Reliance which said that all messages would be charged on the occasion of Holi! The other part is that you will also get charged for any MMS (besides all VAS like missed call alerts etc). Although I am not sure how I got billed for a MMS (MMS on an iPhone seems ridiculous), but, it happened. The interesting fact is that the Reliance bill will not have any details for anything that you have been charged for (SMS, MMS). On asking for details of the number/destination, it seems that whenever I tried, their systems were “down”. Was that just my luck, bad timing or something else…?

Anyway, the third bill I got from Reliance was actually 0…first time in 3 months, I had approximate billings of Rs.10 and 20 for the first and second months.

The other good part seems to be the introduction of other handsets with the Zero Plan. You can now get a HTC (dual SIM) model with the Zero Plan for around Rs.1600. This is not a bad deal if the network works in the areas you frequent. If I recall correctly, Airtel broadband charges around the same or more for a 8 mbps DSL connection with a 15 GB cap. So, if you are on this Airtel or any similar broadband plan, I would advise you to check out the “not completely Zero Plan” from Reliance. If the network works in your area, then, this would be a far better deal for most people using data.

Overall, if you know how to work around the Reliance network glitches at times, it’s not a bad deal. Personally, I wish that Reliance would improve on their customer support, billing and really fix up their network configuration to allow for a better experience like most of the other networks do.

10 thoughts on “Reliance iPhone 5x Zero Plan – Update!

  1. Sir,

    Are your sure, you can go 100GBs+ tethered with this plan ? As i was told by Reliance Customer Care officer that .. this plan can use only on mobile and cannot use more 1GB-2GB Data with tethering.

    I m confused to opt this plan or not… i m attracted to this plan only for 3G Unlimited Plan…
    Please confirm me how much GB’s of data do u use monthly through tethering hotspot…



  2. Thanks for your reply,
    Are you still using/tethering on reliance zero plan without any problem ? How many GBs do u use monthly ?


    • I have not been using it as much recently, but, I downloaded about 10GB in iOS images last month (tethered). I have not kept track of how much I use after the initial 3-4 months, but, I would average around 15-25GB I guess and spike to a lot more in between. I update my apps over 3G as well.


      • If you could throw some light on the speed.
        I know the speed also depends on the area one is. But I just wanna know if you were able to download this much, what speeds were getting.


      • Hi Arjun, I am also using Zero Plan from last 2 months, enjoying the 3g speed. I got 11mbps maximum and on average… m getting 5-8mbps. Thanks to u Nitin Sir for clearing my doubt when buying the zero plan.


  3. Hi again,

    Went to the store today. Couple of queries again.

    1. They have stopped selling the zero plan for GSM. It was there on their website just a couple of days prior this post. But today when I enquired about it, was told that I would have to buy a phone bundled plan.

    2. As per the reliance store guy, even on the zero plan , the 3G data is capped to 5GB /3GB depending on the phone you choose (CDMA/GSM).
    This was also shown to me in written in their terms and conditions that they had.
    I showed them on the website that there is no mentioning of the capping.
    He however confirmed me that capping would exist as that is what is as per back office.
    3. Another thing confirmed was that one could buy this plan and put the sim in any phone. The plan would still continue to function with the same specs.

    It’be so kind of you if you could throw some light in these issue as you are an existing customer.
    Because of these delays I have delayed my purchase of this plan.

    Thanking you


    • Hello Arjun,

      Yeah i tried to buy another connection for my friend yesterday..then i noticed that offer was removed from their site. If u really want zero plan then… buy cheapest phone which comes with zero plan and later sell the phone :).

      As far as speed capping is concern… that reliance store guy doesn’t have enough knowledge about this offer 😉 Check my usage.


      Do update us 🙂

      All the best.


      • Hi again,

        Thnx for sharing your data usage. I must say the data provided by you couldn’t be more current. And as it looks from your usuage, the capping really should not exist.

        I will be visiting a different store now to confirm the same.

        Regarding your idea for the plan, really appreciate it. Will be actually doing it.



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