Mailbox for Gmail on the iPhone

Since I mentioned Mailbox in my earlier post as an alternate to Google dis-continuing the exchange (ActiveSync) service for free users, I thought I should also mention the drawbacks of MailBox.

Most reviews are raving about the new way of Mailbox handling email. I am not so sure that the Mailbox handling of email is an idea that would suit a lot of people who already keep email organised.

The 2 main drawbacks of MailBox, which prevent me from using it as a replacement email application are:

  1. You cannot label any email. There is no support for labels. Therefore, if you have already organised your email according to projects, financial, family types etc., then, Mailbox will fail for you since you cannot continue to label email.
  2. If the above was not enough, Mailbox cannot search your existing labelled and archived email. It can only search the inbox and the sent email.

Having said this, Mailbox really stands out for people who do not care about organising email and using labels/folders to do the same.

In short, if you are just a casual email user and do not need to track and keep references, then, Mailbox is possibly the best email app around for the iPhone. If you are a professional/corporate user, Mailbox might not be the best choice. Of course, the fact that Mailbox is iPhone only also makes it unusable for iPad users.

The alternate, GMail from Google, is a universal application, works as expected, but, does have notification bugs in the current version besides others. It’s also not as well designed as Mailbox is. Both cater to multiple email IDs.

Even as I write this, the Google GMail client is unable to connect and get email on my iPhone. Mailbox is working fine.

Personally, I will probably remove both the GMail and the Mailbox apps and turn notifications on in my chat client (IM+ Pro) and configure my gmail accounts in the standard iPhone email app. I will still get all the push notifications and all my email will remain in one single application. For now, this seems to be the best solution for me.

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