iPhone 4

Since most people currently around me look to me for support on the iPhone, it is appropriate that I start with the same…

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 4. Had been using the iPhone since the first release and now I could say that this is the all-in-one device that most people would have been looking for.

An absolutely stunning screen, great 5MP camera with 720p video recording and editing, the iPod for music, and, above all, the amazing improvement in battery life.

For the first time since the iPhone was launched, it’s like the old Nokia times…I no longer need to carry the charger.

For people who are happy with the 3Gs, the performance on the iPhone 4 is smoother, but, unless you require the better camera capability and the battery life, it might not have much more over the 3Gs. Those using 2G and 3G, should upgrade if they were planning on doing so…the difference would be amazing.

I actually got the iPhone 2G, as it is now called, just before the 3G was going to be released. After seeing the iPhone 2G in action for almost a year with the early adopters, I finally bought it when I was in Vegas for an exhibition.

Of course, there are reasons for the shift to the iPhone from my trusty old Nokia after having tried the other brands as well. I will outline the reasons later as they might be common to others like me.

I actually bought a MacBook Pro to complete the overall experience after trying the Hackintosh approach. I can only say that I have not regretted buying the MBP or the iPhone thus far.

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